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I've been using this service for over a couple of years now and my pool has never looked better! Joe provides the service himself so you don't have to concern yourself with someone you've never met or spoken to showing up at your home. My past pool service tech was never the guy I spoke to when there was a problem. There always seemed to be something, gate not closed properly, sweeper running excessively. But the worst was when my heater was left on and ended up costing me a couple of grand for my PG&E bill. I've never had any issues with Joe's service. He takes the time to explain things to you and I never worry about my dog getting out of the yard. I've had nothing but a very positive experience with Joe Cool Pool Service!

Lori M.

Joe is a nice guy and he's very cool with his cleaning services for our pool. I love working with him. A person you can trust.

Rommel P.

Joe Cool Pool Service is dependable, knowledgeable, and price reasonable! That is why I would recommend him to all my neighbors and friends!!

John G.

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